20mg, 55 tablets per bottle

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M1T is recommended for experienced bodybuilders only. M1T is a pro-hormone legendary for it’s powerful anabolic effects, no other compounds match M1T for pure bulking power and M1T is the latest and arguably best on the market right now.

Used as a mass builder users can expect rapid gains in size and strength with a cycle of this product, seeing huge increases in strength and muscle mass very quickly.

M1T, or 17aa-1-t, is the methylated version of the prohormone 1-test. This structural modification makes prohormones much more orally bioavailable by inhibiting breakdown in the liver.

Although it has only been widely available for a short period of time, feedback on this compound indicates that it may be the most effective legal prohormone product on the market regardless of delivery method, and it is hands down the most effective oral product.

The profile of M1T is similar to that of 1-test – it does not convert to estrogen, and it is highly anabolic and moderately androgenic (less than 1-test)

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